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Hiya folks!  How've y'all been doing? I hope you're all well and in good spirits! =) It's been a while, and there's not much to report on my end art-wise, so I'll just mention some of the neat stuff I've been getting into recently.

First of all, for the old-school anime fans here in the US, you might be interested in the recently opened "Anime Sols" legal streaming web site.  It launched a few weeks ago, and has 8 anime classics streaming for free (including some famous ones, like Creamy Mami and Yatterman).  It's also a crowdfunding project, sort of like Kickstarter --- you can put in pre-orders for DVD boxed set releases and merchandise of your favorite shows.  It's an interesting idea, and as an old-school anime fan I hope it works out! =p

On the topic of classic anime!  HAIL unto the mighty and awesome Discotek for recently announcing… that they're going to publish the first 5 Dr. Slump movies here in the US!! =D Dr. Slump is my favorite manga series of all time, and to get any anime versions here in the US is supah-cool!  They also recently put up pre-orders for the english collection of Samurai Pizza Cats, which has me psyched.  Plus, Funimation is releasing the original Canadian "Ocean Group" dub of Dragon Ball Z here in the US!… 52 episodes and 3 movies with the original English voice cast.  Pretty sweet!~ :dummy:

Speaking of anime, there are a couple of new series I've been following this season --- Attack on Titan, Flowers of Evil and Space Brothers, all of which are streaming on Crunchyroll.  Attack on Titan… is one part shonen action and two parts survival drama, and despite some uneven-ness between the two, it's overall been a really thrilling watch so far.  Flowers of Evil… is a discomforting but gripping sort of show, and uses rotoscoped animation to tell the story of an awkward teenager who gets blackmailed by an off-kilter classmate.  Space Brothers… has been airing for over a year now, but is still going strong, and is a feel-good story about a washed up car designer who gets a chance to fulfill a childhood dream (to become an astronaut!)  They're all very entertaining shows that have renewed some of my faith in this modern generation of anime, and I highly recommend em'!  I should also mention that my all-time favorite TV series, One Piece, is airing on Toonami Saturday nights, and I've been enjoying it since it started airing a couple weeks back. =D

In the gaming space, I recently purchased a PS Vita on a whim, to try and buff up my PS1 classic gaming collection (I figured PS1 RPGs on a handheld would be awesome, and of course my first purchase had to be the light-hearted adventure classic Grandia…). :woohoo: More awesome, though, was getting to buy Jet Set Radio and the Power Stone Collection. JSR is a classic Sega Dreamcast game about a gang of rebellious, spray-painting street punks (with futuristic, netrium-powered inline skates) that listen to an underground radio station called "Jet Set Radio".  It oozes with incredible visual style and a rocking soundtrack to boot. Power Stone is the other Dreamcast classic I picked up, a Capcom 3D melee fighting game that takes place in a turn-of-the-century adventuresome world, with gameplay akin to the Smash Bros. series.

Well, that's all for now, net-surfers! :ahoy: Ciao, and until next!
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A small town in the countryside begins preparing for the end of the autumn harvest. As dusk approaches and the last threshers and wind-winnows make their ways from the golden crops, pumpkins are carved and torches are lit to prepare for a celebration - the annual Festival of the Stars, a sky-gazing event marked by the beautiful night-long meteor showers in the skies above the village square. As children dance to the music of pan flutes and violins (their claps and laughter filling the crisp autumn air) a warm scent of pie, turkey legs and ginger beer begins to tickle your nose, reminding you of nostalgic, long-forgotten childhood memories. And soon, when the rosy sunset fades into the dark stillness of the night-time sky, onlookers gaze in amazement as stars shoot their ways across the heavens...

I'm Kikaioh, an adventuresome artist that journeyed his way onto Deviant Art. I've been drawing since I was young, and grew up on cartoons, newspaper comics and anime/manga, all of which has helped foster my creative spirit over the years. I've traveled to a number of places around the world, and I think that art helps me to express some of that open-world adventure I've had the good fortune to experience. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and I look forward to seeing other people's art here as well. Ciao!


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mangalover125 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
im 12 and im home schoold so its' hard to make good frieands but that wus untill i learnd about manga and anime i stay up all night drawling and lerning about manga i have devoted my selfe to become a manga artis no matter what it is pretty much my onlay friand i have so thats why its really inportint to me
MegaHeroes16 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Let me guess, Tech Romancer, eh? That's actually more a rhetorical question as it's quite obvious :P. Finally, I'm able to play it (on the NullDC) and it's AMAZING! Really, I've moments that I think like 'I got to quit playing', but I can't remove the controller in my hands.
I know Kikaioh's name is Grand Kaiser in the English translation, but I can't help but think about the name Kikaioh when I picture G.Kaiser in my head or just seeing it.
It's awesomeness overshadows any other Dreamcast game IMO, except Grandia II and Skies of Arcadia (But I've got Legends, so... yeah).
mangalover125 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
WOW! is that cool maybe ond day ill take a looke at it
PrinceOfTheIronFist Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Wow that is some engrish.
Kikaioh Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha yep it's Tech Romancer, and I'm with you, it's one of my all-time favorites for the Dreamcast. =) What I really liked was the story mode (which had a lot of heart, and parodies so many classic giant robot anime) and all of the great unlockables (like the official art, and esp. the alternate opening sequence). It really was an awesome, little-known gem for the DC, and I look back fondly on that era of gaming. :blushes:
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